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How To Do Content Marketing In Nigeria The Right Way

Content Marketing In Nigeria Whether it is visual content in the form of short explainer videos/slides or Written piece of content In the form of blog posts, has become unapologetically important if any business must be discovered on the overly crowded internet and buzzing business space across all the major cities such as Lagos Nigeria or even remain relevant in their industry of play.

Look at it this way: Just as a vampire is blood-thirsty, so is a search engine and potential customers hungry for quality content.

Quick Attributes Of A Quality Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is simply the communication of an organization’s goals, missions, visions, and ultimately its unique selling point to potential customers in the forms of Visual and writing, and for content marketing to be successful, it must be SMART.

  • It Must be Specific. Every content marketing must be straight-to-the-point. No room for ambiguity or unnecessary perambulating.
  • It must be Measurable. Every content marketing strategy employed by organizations of any size must be able to go through measurement (Thanks to the various analytical tools such as Google Keyword Planner). Conversion metrics should be measurable for instance, How many content page visitors per month, how, many minutes page visitors spent over the last three months.
  • Every content marketing must be attainable. Whether it is Video creation or post creation, it should be attained with the simplest tools available. Various tools for short video creation are available and very easy to use such as Lumen5, videoScribe, Animaker.
  • Every content marketing strategy employed by marketing organizations as a means by which they can better communicate their vision and goals with potential and existing customers must be relevant.
  • Every content marketing strategy must be time-bound. A definite time frame to achieve result must be borne in mind at every stage of the content creation.

Aids To Quality Content Marketing In Nigeria

From the first paragraph above, we defined content marketing as the medium by which an organization can communicate its goals, vision and USP to potential and existing customers via visual or written means. Buying behaviour has changed and therefore a better message (content) cannot be presented to these hard-to-understand clients if the right strategies are not employed. Although several acclaimed SEO organizations exist in the major cities of Nigeria such as Lagos Nigeria, Abuja, and Port Harcourt and other places, whenever you search for any Digital marketing services, caution must be taken. This is to ensure that you get a good return on investment.

Every content marketing must address the following areas:

  • Understanding the buyer’s journey and the buyer’s current position in the journey
  • Developing best contents that resonate with the buyer needs when they are online.
  • Using and appropriately tracking the Social media engagements and becoming consistent.
  • Doing Proper keyword research and plan every post.
  • Writing a smart goal and backing it with an editorial calendar for the team
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Understanding The Buyers Journey In Content Marketing

As a marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria offering quite a number of digital marketing services and with good years of active digital marketing experience, we have realized that one of the reasons contents do not resonate with the “supposed target audiences” is simply because most acclaimed digital marketers make posts on their blogs without thinking about the conversion i.e. who should see the content, and what is their current position in the buyers’ journey.

Some questions to bear in mind before committing pen to the paper include:

  • Is this post going to be relevant to a first-time visitor to my site?
  • Will it be more understood by someone who had previously seen my website?
  • Is this message neutral? i.e. can both persons find it helpful?

As a blogger, ensure that every post that features on the blog is targeted towards a set of persons (Either new visitors looking for such resource in order to decide, or visitors who had already interacted with such product or service before visiting your blog. For the later, the visitor needs this post as support to justify his/her decision to finally make the purchase/patronage at your place (if the post is actually educating)

Quality is Key In Content Marketing and Not Quantity

Having identified and settled for a majors content motive as mentioned above, it is now time to craft that quality content (Remember that it can either be in the form of a video or written).

Apart from understanding what stage a visitor is in the buyer’s journey, the next important thing is serving them the delicious meal they have been looking for. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full pack of irrelevant information. Few bulleted and quality piece of content might just be fine.

Quick checks  to help you come up with quality post:

  • The post must be uniform from the beginning to the last word.
  • Wording should not be too strenuous to read.
  • Use bullets often in the post body
  • Do not overuse your  focus keywords

Proper Keyword  Research For Content Marketing

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Obviously you had been flying around without direction if there were no keywords for which your website rank. Every successful content marketing works in symphony with keyword research, and these days, there are several cheap tools to get this done such as the Google keyword planner and ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

  • When you research for keywords, go for long-tail keywords
  • Avoid keywords that do not reflect much about what you are writing.
  • Avoid keywords whose competition is high

Leveraging The Social Media For Content Marketing In Nigeria

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Most small business men do not currently see the importance of committing quality attention to social media marketing. While bigger businesses do social media well, these small businessmen look away into other means that do not look as promising as social media. Platforms like Facebook boasts of daily usage of 2 billion people. This is simply telling you what powers the social media wield and how it be used for your content marketing intent.

You must bear in mind that while users visit search engines with the hopes of buying the solution they search for, the story is quite different for the social media where people come to socialize. As a matter of fact, no one wakes up in the morning with the intention to go buy something from Facebook. Rather, the go there with the intention of socializing and checking new pictures.

Things to bear in mind for a successful content marketing on social media:

  • Do not try to sell always on social media, rather, try to build relationships
  • Your marketing message should usually be empathetic
  • Engage, socialize and be prompt to answer visitors’ messages
  • Above all, be prepared to set social media goals and analyze these goals.

Smart Goals And Editorial Calendar For Content Marketing

Plans must be made both for the present and the future. A successful Content marketing is one that is governed by written goals and a corresponding editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar outlines:

  • What posts are to be made
  • What time
  • By who
  • What keywords are to be used. e.t.c

At ICT NETWORLD, we ensure we understand your business goals and mission. With this already established, we head on to drafting a SMART editorial calendar for your project. Simply put, Our Digital marketing services are tailored to your goals.

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