Understanding The Buyers Journey In Content Marketing

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Understanding The Buyers Journey In Content Marketing

Buyers journey in marketing simply lays bare the steps a potential buyer/customer takes, the consultations he makes, and even the sellers he meets for inquiries before he finally decides what product and price to settle for. A buyers journey is usually a very calculated step as no customer wants to buy what will not be beneficial to them.

Offline And Online Buyers Journey Compared

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Image credit: DigitalMarketing.org

A potential customer walks through the doors of a brick and mortar store in search of a particular item, he/she inquires about the price, looks at the features and walks out of the door to the next shop. Here, the seller isn’t sure why the item was never added to the shopping bag. To the customer, he’s got loads of options in mind such as: making a visit to five other stores to compare prices, discounts, features and a host of other factors.

While the above scenario is also obtainable in the online Buyers journey, there a quite a handful of differences. In the offline, it might be difficult if not impossible for the seller/store owner to follow up or get the customer to come back and complete an abandoned purchase, the story is different online where this same customer can be retargeted with a retargeting ad.

Online Buyers Journey and ad retargeting

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Sometimes I feel humans are lucky to have the internet and mobile. These two marketing tools have changed the way we do marketing forever. As opined earlier, there is usually no opportunity to get the customer back to complete an order in the offline because we simply do not have their details.

With the internet and mobile devices, every customer who interacted with the advert can be shown that same ad copy again, but maybe with a little bit more of juice (such as a coupon code), and this should ordinarily make the visitor head back to complete the abandoned order.

There are three stages of the buyer’s journey, these stages are better defined and solved thanks to the internet. Although the three stages also are applicable to the offline world, they are better captured by the lines of code created by search engines such as Google, social media platforms in the form of Pixels, and embedded into a website by a developer.

Let us consider these three stages below:
According to Hubspot, the three stages of buyers journey include:

three stages of buyers journey image
Image Credit: Hubspot
  • The awareness stage: First, the buyer becomes aware  he/she’s got a problem that needs solving
  • The consideration stage: The buyer begins to make serious research (Usually online) to solve this problem
  • The Decision Stage: Finally, he/she sees a solution that solves the problem, and goes all out for it.

The businesses that ultimately do well in ROI are those who present themselves before these buyers at every stage in their journey. At the awareness stage, your business is there creating quality contents to educate them. At the consideration stage, your businesses surface with a big smiling Coupon code/ Price slash and Plenty customers happy reviews. At the Final and Decision stage, they can also see you urging them to complete that order in order to enjoy the above coupon plus the very many benefits of the product or service you have provided.

Integrating Content Marketing Into Every Stage Of The Buyers Journey

Obviously, the buyer needs to be served quality and reassuring contents at every stage of the journey. This is where doing content marketing the right way comes handy.

In our blog post: How to do content marketing in Nigeria the Right Way, even though it is targeted exclusively to the Nigerian business community, we provide good content marketing practices that are sure to make a website rank well on the SERP

You need to Create quality contents (Visual or text) that resonates with the visitor at every stage of the journey. Should be more about educating/enlightening your audiences.

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