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Is the CEH Course certification worth it?

In today’s world where online and information security issues are a major concern to bluechip organizations, where organizations want to keep their system safe from threats, certified ethical hacker jobs are always available, and you should tap into that.

Is CEH Course And Exam hard to pass?

Becoming a certified ethical hacker is no joke though, usually, it will require that you already have a little experience of hacking. At ICT NETWORLD, we look at this in a more different way. Even if you’ve got little or no experience about hacking, we will turn you into an ethical hacker in just five Saturdays.

Our training includes a lot of practical sessions as well as detailed theoretical sessions.

How long does it take to get CEH certified?

First, we ensure that you take your ceh course at your pace. But usually, our ceh training is 5 Saturdays.

At ict networld, From the point of the training registration, we ask you if you will like to get certified too. ceh training for five Saturdays is the basics, the ceh certification is optional.

Get Certified

Let us know in the Message box if you will like a physical training or Online. Also, let us know if you like to take only the training or with the Certification


Ceh Course Online Training Also Available

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Ceh Course Outline

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Chapter 2 – Networking & Basics
  • Chapter 3 – FootPrinting and Reconnaissance
  • Chapter 4 – Scanning Networks
  • Chapter 5 – Enumeration
  • Chapter 6 – System Hacking
  • Chapter 7 – Malware Threats
  • Chapter 8 – Sniffing
  • Chapter 9 – Social Engineering
  • Chapter 10 – Denial of Service
  • Chapter 11 – Session Hijacking
  • Chapter 12 – Hacking Web Servers
  • Chapter 13 – Hacking Web Applications
  • Chapter 14 – SQL Injection
  • Chapter 15 – Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Chapter 16 – Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 17 – Cryptography
  • Chapter 18 – Kali Linux
  • Chapter 19 – Proxy & Packet Filtering
  • Chapter 20 – Steganography
  • Chapter 21 – Computer forensics
  • Chapter 21 – Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots
  • Chapter 22 -Email Hacking
  • Chapter 23 – Revision
  • Chapter 24 – Incident Handling & Response

Tools You Will Need For A Ceh Course

  • Working Computer: This is obviously the most important tool you will be needing to learn ethical hacking. But in the absence of a personal computer, ICT NETWORLD will provide you with one.
  • Your undivided attention. To become a certified ethical hacker ceh, you’ve got to be physically and mentally available.
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