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Today, software companies whether government or private, are dealing with hardcore security problems. Hackers and intruders enter databases and web servers for stealing, damaging and spreading of irrelevant programs. This brings in the need for ethical hackers and courses like ceh training. Ethical hacking course in Africa is grabbing the market fast and is doing a brisk business.

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It is the job of hacker who has gone through this course to protect the networking infrastructure and corporate websites. The have the legal consent to penetrate into a computer or software system by using similar tools and techniques of that of the bad boys. But they do not intend to steal information or damage the software system. They have the right to do what the bad guys do without getting caught.

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There are an handful certification exam in security out there, but none equates the ceh v10. First, let’s consider the fact that you re going to be given the opportunity and freedom to do the same thing the “malicious hacker” does without being arrested. This being said, let us also consider the fact that you will be recognized and respected as a white hat hacker who’s got certification and also with high sense of personal moral standards (Ethics) since that is also part of what you learn to do during the ethical hacking course.

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Since hacking is no longer a matter of “IF” , but “WHEN”  you are going to be licensed/certified and trained to detect how these hackers break into their victims’ information and devices and you are going to learn how to stop them (sounds pretty good huh???)

Also, you are going to learn to detect/track vulnerability and fix them before the bad guys do.

Finally, it is worthy of note that organizations are in constant search for this skill to do these jobs for them, and they pay handsomely.

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  • ceh: This is an abbreviation for Certified ethical hacker. This is the recognition you get as soon as you are done with this training program. ceh is mandatory because it gives you the rare opportunity to access and assess the security posture/standing of an organization and helping to identify vulnerability in the network infrastructure, and to determine if unauthorized access looms. ceh is the most detailed/complete hacking certification training.
  • Penetration Testing: Penetration testing is a usually used term in ethical hacking. It is colloquially known as or called “pen test.” Penetration testing is the process of carrying out authorized vulnerability check on a computer system to evaluate the security level. Someone who does this is usually called a penetration tester. A penetration tester performs all the functions enumerated above. He (The penetration tester) is guided by rules which makes him do his job neatly and without compromise.
  • ceh exam: ceh exam is taken so as to ascertain your level of preparedness to be an ethical hacker. ceh exam is usually a computer-based multiple choice test with about 125 questions for a duration of 4 hours. ceh exam will cover every topic outlined in our course syllabus below including communication protocols, and malware operations. After every successful exam, the participant is presented with a ceh certification . With this certification, there is coverage against assaults, arrests, and jail terms when he hacks into clients’ systems to fix vulnerability.
  • CyberSecurity:  Cybersecurity also called information security is a term frequently used in ethical hacking. Cybersecurity (Information security) is the protection of computer networks/systems from theft or damage of their hardware. Cybersecurity/information security can also mean the protection  of computer systems from misdirection of the services they provide to users. Cyber security a popular term in ethical hacking has become very popular over the years with the rise in cyber attacks. This is why we feel that enrolling for this this certification exam and class is a worthy thing.
  • Malicious HackingThe term malicious hacking is very popular. By “Malicious”  we mean the process of wanting to disable the security systems of an organization with the sole intent stealing information or causing havoc. Malicious hacking is usually carried out by black hat hacker who simply look out for vulnerability.
  • Oscp: oscp is an unfamiliar term also used in the ethical hacking. Oscp is a professional certification offered by offensive security. Oscp teaches penetration testing methodologies.
  • Ceh credential: ceh credential is one of the certification an individual gets in a particular security discipline of ethical hacking. This credential helps to govern the least standards for professional information security experts.
  • SQL injection:  sql injection also called sqli is a term used in ethical hacking. sql injection is the technique used to fight applications, whereby malicious hacking statements (sql) are entered into a provided field for execution.
  • Security Professional:  A Security professional is one with recognized ethical hacking skill, and who’s been saddled with the singular interest of keeping the network security of a large organization safe and secured. Armed with the various methodology and good techniques, he  stands as the security officer watching over the most cherished organization’s information and sensitive data.  A security professional has taken the ceh course and has gained the needed skills to undertake such sensitive role.

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At ict networld we have a full ceh v10 syllabus which covers all areas of ethical hacking. This course is completely practical and is handled by professionals.


Individuals/Organizations that wants to secure their confidential data from attackers.

Students who are willing to become ethical hackers

System/Network administrators who are responsible for protecting organization’s data.

Course Pre-Requisite

Hacking skills needed: No need for hacking skills. All you need is a basic knowledge of computers and internet.

Training Material, Tools and Course Completion Certificate Covered.

Course Fee and exam is #80,000

Registration Fee for the certified ethicl hacker exam, certified ethical hacking course is #2,500

Course Duration

5 Saturdays. Time (9:00am – 5:00pm).

Executive Training (One on One) also available.

Weekday Classes 9AM - 12PM , 1PM to 4PM. Mon/Wed/Fri.

Lagos Venue

Suites 2, Dodondawa Plaza, 48, Chivita Avenue, Ajao Estate, Lagos.

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Registration Is Currently Ongoing for our classroom classes (We do not have online master classes yet and also exam voucher sales is not applicable)

Abuja Venue

Taurus Strength Ventures, Edo House, Central Business District, Abuja.

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Find below the various outline we will be covering.

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Chapter 2 – Networking & Basics

  • Chapter 3 – FootPrinting and Reconnaissance

  • Chapter 4 – Scanning Networks

  • Chapter 5 – Enumeration

  • Chapter 6 – System Hacking

  • Chapter 7 – Malware Threats

  • Chapter 8 – Sniffing

  • Chapter 9 – Social Engineering

  • Chapter 10 – Denial of Service

  • Chapter 11 – Session Hijacking
  • Chapter 12 – Hacking Web Servers
  • Chapter 13 – Hacking Web Applications
  • Chapter 14 – SQL Injection
  • Chapter 15 – Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Chapter 16 – Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 17 – Cryptography
  • Chapter 18 – Kali Linux
  • Chapter 19 – Proxy & Packet Filtering
  • Chapter 20 – Steganography
  • Chapter 21 – Computer forensics

  • Chapter 21 – Evading IDS, Firewal Honeypots
  • Chapter 22 -Email Hacking
  • Chapter 23 – Revision
  • Chapter 24 – Incident Handling & Response

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