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As buyers’ behavior continue to change, and understanding it continues to elude business owners, it becomes obvious that the cost of acquiring a single paying customer will continue to rise and most organizations won’t be able to keep up. With this, other less expensive means of customer acquisition comes very handy. With the SEO, businesses tend to appear on search results when these very-difficult-to-understand-customers type in a query relating to, or in perfect match to what a business offers.


As a digital marketing agency, we can help you develop (from the scratch) SEO framework for your online presence at a relatively competitive price.


By content, we mean every bit of well crafted information on a website that details what business the website owner does, how the business benefits a visitor and what actions/decisions a visitor is expected to take. 


As Google continues to update its search algorithms,  it has not only cleansed the internet of less beneficial contents,  it has also made quality information discovery pretty easy. 

As a content marketing agency fully armed with the dos and don’ts of Google, and always abreast latest trends in content marketing industry, we can come up with fresh contents that not only ranks high in the SERP (Search engine result page), but gets readers back to your website.

  • We can develop contents for you
  • We can also train your staffs to develop quality contents for your business.


This a type of SEM (Search engine marketing) which provides businesses with quality site visits only when it has been professionally set up.

The good thing about this type of customer acquisition channel is that a business only pays when anyone clicks on the provided link which means that the conversion rate also is high when it is done by a professional.

At ict networld, we analyze your landing page, research relevant keywords that we believe will drive the right customers to your ad and ultimately to your landing page, set good budgets for your PPC campaign, help you to monitor the result, and finally make relevant adjustments when necessary.



Our digital marketing training is handled by professionals (Digital result-oriented) who are not only Google Search Certified, but have had their hands dirty doing digital marketing. They have made mistakes, lost money, and learnt along the way.

Whether you are a business that wants specific marketing help and advice or looking forward to training/retraining your marketing team or you are looking to out-source the whole of your marketing activity, we deliver thoughtfully and intelligently – and all at affordable prices.



competitors analysis

This is an area of Digital Marketing Services that most businesses whose dealings are online do not know, and which is costing them a whole lot of traffic/site visit.

These days, it is never enough to set up a website, run campaigns and wait to see them convert. This is just a blind guess.

In every industry, there are leaders/success stories. They have a lot of secrets that continue to pave ways for them. But the good news is, they do not have a monopoly of these secrets, every business do too.

We look into your online competitors, see what they do differently, harvest the keywords they rank for and infuse them into your content, maybe at least you can rank from 1-5 in the SERP.

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